When Debojyoti Mishra picked up the paintbrush, it touched chords.

As the painter in Mishra progressed and evolved, art curator Jyotirmoy Bhattacharya came forward to showcase these paintings to the world.

Debojyoti’s premier art exhibition in collaboration with ICCR from 7 December 2012 – 14 December 2012 garnered widespread appreciation and applause from both the luminaries and masses and all the paintings were sold in record time.

Soon Mirage Art Gallery, Kolkata exhibited Debojyoti’s paintings alongside the paintings of masters Akbar Padamsee, M F Hussain, Jogen Chowdhury, Paritosh Sen, Ganesh Pyne and other eminent artists.

On seeing Debojyoti’s paintings, noted artist Jogen Chowdhury forwarded the following write up to Mishra’s painting catalogue.

It is a marvelous feeling when a person indulges in a profession that is different from his own. For instance, an author trying his hands at music, a dancer indulging in art.

Renowned musician, Debojyoti Mishra is trying his hands at painting. I feel wonderful on learning this fact, especially on seeing some of his works. I believe, any creative work has far more impact when it is the result of free flowing thoughts, when it is not bound by the rules of grammar and textbook knowledge. But does Debojyoti belong to this category? Not really. He is already a renowned musician, an established artist in his own right. And the root of any creative work, is essentially the same; it is only the medium of expression that differs, not the underlying thoughts that drive the artist. And that is why, Debojyoti’s paintings essentially convey the same essence as that conveyed by his more familiar mode of expression, that is, his musical compositions. His artwork reflects a natural spontaneity which is a result of emotions emerging from the very depth of his consciousness.

These creations have impressed me considerably; some of them have in fact left me spellbound.

There are a few things clearly depicted in his drawings.

1. His drawings possess a certain rhythmic pattern, a distinct musical quality.

2. The colors, forms, figures and structures used in his paintings, have a certain transcendental quality about them. They possess a touch of the infinite, encompassed within a medium that is finite. Isn’t this the basic essence of music as well? Music is born when the finite medium of sound is transcended to touch infinity; music becomes eternal when it bridges the gap between the finite and the infinite. Debojyoti’s paintings too, have this quality.

3. And last but not the least, in Debojyoti’s works, I find a near-perfect balance of all the components that comprise a successful work of art i.e the color, the lines, the forms and the structures. His works depict a harmonious coexistence of all these components that beautifully contrast each other and complement each other. The facial expressions and forms in some of his creations, are extremely impressive. His paintings on the topics of music and musical instruments, deserve a special mention. They depict a very skillful usage of lines and forms.

I sincerely hope that these paintings created by the musician, would touch a chord with all of us. I also hope that the artist continues to expand this creative effort of his, in new directions. May his creations continue to bring us joy. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to this magnificent endeavor of his.